Twitter Partners With Google To Improve Your Social Media Reach

Over the past month, Twitter and Google began to roll out an update that makes a business Twitter account a more important part of an overall online marketing strategy. Starting this month, real-time tweets will now appear in desktop and mobile search engine results. 

What Is Being Updated?

Google and Twitter have officially announced that Google will now incorporate tweets in search results for all searchers globally. Tweets are now ranking in search results for three types of searches:

  1. Searches for a company name
  2. Searches for popular hashtags
  3. Searches for keywords

What Does This Mean?

This update makes Twitter a much more important part of your overall marketing strategy. Companies must ensure that they are tweeting using keywords and relevant hashtags - and they may see an increase in website traffic and Twitter followers!

What Should You Do About It?

For those of you that already have Twitter as a part of your social media presence, you are already prepared for this change. Be sure to tweet about relevant and timely topics, as well as use vital keywords to ensure that your Tweets will display in Google search results.

You should also be monitoring your account for any negative comments that could display in search results, and respond in a timely manner.

If you do not have a Twitter account and are interested in adding it to your social media presence, please give Little Dog a call at 855-516-9663.

Yelp Page Development Leads to Business Success

The Little Dog Strategy

When Little Dog Social Media began working with Kolcun Insurance Agency in 2014, the Little Dog team began an overhaul of the agency's Yelp Business Page.

The overhaul was meant to brand the page and included adding spotlight photos and updating all information listed on the page, including contact information, agency specialties, agency history and information about Mike Kolcun, the owner of the agency.

Yelp Business Pages typically display very well in organic search engine results, making it important to have a complete, up-to-date page.

The Business Result

As a result of the complete and updated page, the Kolcun Insurance Agency Yelp page began to display on the first page of organic search results.

In June 2015, the agency received a new message to their Yelp page from someone looking for a lower rate on auto insurance coverage:

The Kolcun Personal Line Agency contacted the potential customer right away and assisted her in switching her auto insurance, saving her over $300 per year! The efforts of the Little Dog Team to update the Kolcun Yelp Business Page led to a new, satisfied customer!

Increasing Facebook Visibility and Engagement With A Giveaway

The Business Need

Charles Mills Insurance Agency had built a fairly successful Facebook page that had a following of over 500 fans. Despite the large following, the page received limited engagement on their posts. Their team wanted to not only increase the engagement on the page, but also increase the visibility of the page and reach people who may not have previously heard of Charles Mills Insurance Agency.

The Little Dog Solution

The Little Dog Team planned and executed a Facebook giveaway where one lucky winner would receive tickets to a Pittsburgh Pirates game. All followers had to do was comment on the giveaway post and share the post with their Facebook friends for a chance to win

The Outcome

The giveaway post was a huge success and resulted in 270 post likes, 439 comments, and 356 post shares! This meant that over 25,500 people, who may have never heard of Charles Mills otherwise, were exposed to the Charles Mills Insurance Agency Facebook page. The giveaway was such a success, the agency decided to run a second giveaway that reached over 12,500 people and resulted in 172 likes, 322 comments and 20 shares!